16th January 2018
Global Science 1st Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Program - Dec 2017

We carry out our 1st Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to AGATHIANS Shelter.
AGATHIANS Shelter is a legally registered welfare home governed by Pertubuhan Kebajikan Agathians Malaysia.
  16th January 2018
Labquality External Quality Assessment's Introduction and In House Training - Nov 2017

Thank you Mr Juha Wahlstedt from Labquality, Finland for sharing the information and valuable knowledge with us.

Labquality is an independent external quality assessment provider from Finland…
  16th January 2018
Full Conformity Assessment and Manufacturing Audit Visit in South Korea - Oct 2017

Global Science appointed Genuine Diamond Sdn Bhd to conduct full conformity assessment and manufacture audit visit in South Korea for product brand - ImmuneMed, SelexOn and Genedia.
Genuine Diamond…
  4th October 2017
Amedic and Zephyr Visitation - Sept 2017

Amedic and Zephyr is our exclusive dealer in East Malaysia-Sabah. Thank you for the recent visit to our office.
  4th October 2017
National Dengue And Arboviruses Infection Conference - Aug 2017

Our teams was attending  National Dengue And Arboviruses Infection Conference.
A development program brings us to a higher level so we all have similar skills and knowledge.
  4th October 2017
Offsite meeting @ Suria Hill Country House Janda Baik - July 2017

Global Science successfully hosting an offsite meeting @ Suria Hill Country House Janda Baik.
We also had the opportunity to do team building activities during the breaks in our schedule.
  4th October 2017
Business meeting with GreenCross Medical Science Corp @ Korea - June 2017

Our team was having effective meeting with the Principle - Green Cross Medical Science in Korea.
  22nd June 2017
SD Biosensor Inc. Distribution Meeting, Impressive R&D and Manufacturing Line Visitation - May 2017

Our team are invited to participate SD Biosensor Inc. Distribution Meeting in Korea.
In this amazing event, we gain of a lot of product knowledge.  
During the factory tour, we get to…
  5th May 2017
BluSense Diagnostics from Denmark visitation - Apr 2017

Mr Filippo Bosco and Farbrice Gerard the representative from BluSense Diagnostics visited our company and share simple and scalable blood testing technology to us.
  5th May 2017
Hands on training for our Genedia products at Gleneagles Hospital on Mar 2017

One of the fastest ways to improve end users knowledge is to allow end users lots of opportunities to become familiar with our products they will be using.
  24th February 2017
Healthy Global Science

We are having our "Health Awareness Campaign" in our office to have a healthy active lifestyle for all the staff.
A big thank you to Ms Angel Cheng from Hong Kong for giving us a talk…
  24th February 2017
MEDLAB Exhibition @ Dubai, 6th - 9th February 2017

MEDLAB Middle East is the world's largest attended laboratory & IVD exhibition and conference in the world. 
We meet with a lot of our business partners here and we hold negotiations…
  24th February 2017
Chinese New Year Celebration 2017

Chinese New Year is the time for reunion and thanksgiving. Let us come together to celebrate this special time of the year.
Global Science would like to wish everyone HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR and…
  24th February 2017
Immunemed Inc. customer site visitation JAN 2017

Mr Sang-Jin Park and Mr Joong-Hyun Park the representative from Immunemed Inc. visited our customer sites to deliver the product knowledge.
  24th February 2017
Infopia business meeting and customer site visitation JAN 2017

Mr Joy Kim and Ms Krystal Lee the representative from Infopia visited Global Science and Columbia Asia. We had a successful business meeting.
  30th December 2016
Bioanlytical Quest visitation - Dec 2016

Mr Ahmad Khairuddin Abdullah the representative from Bioanlytical Quest visited our company and become exclusive GP Clinics for Malaysia market segment.

  30th December 2016
Global Science Year End Dinner 2016 @ Victoria Station

Its the best time to interact and have fun will all the colleagues. Taking this opportunity, Global Science would like to wish everyone MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR.
  30th December 2016
TUV SUD is our business partner

We choose TUV SUD as our business partner. TUV SUD is assisting Global Science in achieving the necessary certifications for compliance to GDPMD requirements for the medical device industry.
  6th December 2016
Green Cross visitation and introduced product at Pantai Hospital and Lablink

The representatives from Green Cross visited our company and introduced new product - Multi Influenza Ag Rapid Test at Pantai Hospital and Lablink.
  6th December 2016
Exhibitions and POCT national conference 2016 in Hospital Sungai Buloh

Are you ready for Zika infection at dengue endemic country? 
We invited speaker from principal to enhance product knowledge and provide updates to our user.
  6th December 2016
SD Biosensor Visitation

Mr Seong Jin Park the representative from SD Biosensor visited our company propose new product with Fluorescent Immunoassays methods and G6PD POCT.
  9th November 2016
Immunemed Inc. visitation and introduced product at Hospital Kuala Lumpur

Ms Kelly the representative from Immunemed Inc. visited our company and introduced product - ImmuneMed Leptospira Rapid (IgM Duo) with end user at Hospital Kuala Lumpur.
  21st October 2016
UPSI Interview

We are glad to share our company story and goals with UPSI students.
  21st October 2016
Team Building at Marina Cove, Lumut on Sept 2016

Team Building at Marina Cove, Lumut - We had 2 days and 1 night. It was a great experience getting to know everyone better with some building activities carried out at Marina Cove. It help us to get everyone…
  21st October 2016
GDPMD In-house Training Sept 2016

Knowledge is the key to success.
  23rd February 2016
CNY Open House

In conjuction with the CHinese New Year Celebration GLOBAL SCIENCE invited Chinese Lion Dance troupe to the office for blessing the people of GLOBAL SCIENCE. Taking this opportunity, we would like to…
  27th November 2015
Exhibition in Paramedic Emergency Care Update Melaka 2015 (Premium 2015) on November 2015

 Hospital Melaka(Emergency Department) has invited Global Science Sdn.Bhd.for the Exhibition in Paramedic Emergency Care Update Melaka 2015 on 25 November 2015 
held in Rumah Media…
  2nd November 2015
The 4th International Clinical Conference on Emergency Medicine (ICCEM) OCT 2015

Global Science Sdn Bhd, was invited to join as an exhibitor in The 4th Intternational Clinical Conference on Emergency Medicine (ICCEM) 2015 held in Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia…
  2nd November 2015
EDAN Visitation & Training OCT 2015

Mr. Chiven and Mr. Alex the representative from EDAN visited our company to share on the new medical technology which is the i15 POCT blood test
  2nd November 2015
Infopia product training and customer site visitation SEP 2015

Ms Jenny and Mr Shin the representative from Infopia visited our company to share on the new medical technology which is the Selexon POCT Immunoassay and training
  2nd November 2015
CerTest Biotec visitation & training 2015

Ms Natalia the representative from Infopia visited our company to give training on the new product which is specialist in fecal antigens such as Samonella typhi + paratyphi, C.difficile Toxin A+B, Rota…
  2nd November 2015
Incentive Trip to Bali May 2015

We had a succcessful event held in Bali with all employees, dealers and their families.
  2nd November 2015
Strategic Meeting APR 2015

Global Science held the company strategic meeting in Saujana Hotel togehter with dealers, our mission is to review our company performance and sharing the industry's insight.
  19th December 2014
BluePoint Medical Reresentative Visitation to us on New HB Non-Invasive

Eugene the representative from BLuePoint Medical visited our company to share on the new medical technology which is the HB Non-Invasive POCT. 
  19th December 2014
Exhibitions & Conferences

Global Science's team actively involve in Local & International Trade Show to enhance knowledge and get to know latest update on POCT technology. We also held Global Science User Conference with…
  19th December 2014
Government Hospital - Onsite User Training & CME

Our 3S concept (Sale, Service & Support) also applied to our user & client at Government Segment. Various user from Lab, ED, Ward & MO will get the exclusive support and training with our…
  12th December 2014
Private Hopsital - Onsite User Training & CME

Our 3S concept ( Sale, Service & Support ), always our priority to ensure existing & new user to know in details & able to handle about the pre-analytical, analytical & post analytical…
  12th December 2014
SD Principal Visitation to Customer Site

We invited our principal from the manufacturer, Standard Diagnostics to Malaysia to visit our customer sites where there are issues or problem on the rapid tests. The purpose is to let our principal to…
  12th December 2014
National Dengue Combo Project in Malaysia - 2013/2014

In conjuction with the tender award, our team was actively providing CME, user training, and demo all around the Malaysia to ensure that our users able to perform the test and minimize the error. Our…
  5th December 2014
IMR-WHO SEA Dengue Virus Workshop, On site training at Hospital and Public Health

Our team was invited to participate in the Dengue Virus Workshop organize by IMR and WHO South East Asia (SEA). In this wonderful event, they try to demonstrate whether our rapid test kit able to pickup…



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